Haslemere U3A



With immediate effect, any incident involving dogs belonging to U3A members on a U3A walk WILL be covered by our insurance.

One of the reasons why the question of insurance has become such an issue lately, is because there have been some problems caused by badly behaved dogs and therefore it seemed prudent to remind U3As that prior to 23rd April 2007, our insurance would not cover an incident involving dogs. There was never any question of the insurance cover being invalidated for the whole group and/or for the group leader, if dogs were allowed.

I am aware that some U3As do not allow members to bring dogs but if you do, then I would suggest that a few ground rules may be useful. It can be very awkward for a group leader to deal with a situation where a dog has become a problem or where a request to bring a dog has split the group.

Dogs come at their own risk!


At the same time I have managed to ease the restriction on children occasionally attending U3A Groups, so there will be no problem with our insurance cover if you decide to allow members to bring grandchildren along during the holidays. Again it might be advisable to agree a procedure so that group leaders know how to deal with requests.

Lin Jonas National Administrator
April 2007