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Information for Group leaders

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All the committee members that group leaders may need to contact may be found on the Committee page.

Click to open, save etc. any of the documents below. The format of the document is indicated 'Spreadsheet' (MS Excel), 'DOC' (editable MS Word document) or 'PDF' (see notes).

Procedure and instruction documents

Data Projector and Amplifier instructions (PDF) Updated November 2017

Administration documents

Guidance notes for Leaders and Organisers using the Hall (PDF) Updated April 2014

Roles of Leaders and Organisers (PDF) Revised & amended August 2015

Class names register (PDF) Updated June 2018

Class names register (DOC - editable) Updated June 2018

Class fees register (PDF) Updated June 2018

Class fees register (Spreadsheet with automatic calculation) Updated June 2018

Incident report form (PDF) Replaced September 2018

First Aid Advice (PDF)

Walking groups

Walk leaders please note that it is recommended that leaders carry a first aid kit and thermal blanket. On public roads the person at the front and back of the walk should wear a reflective coat. A mobile phone is also recommended. First aid kit, thermal blanket and reflective coat are provided by the U3A.

Venue changes

Group leaders are reminded to contact the Accommodation Officer if any meetings in the Haslemere Hall, Methodist church or other paid-for venue are cancelled, so that the fee does not have to be paid!