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Latin Improvers: The class which started from scratch in September 2013 is now finishing its second year, in June 2015. It is possible for new members to join but only if they have reasonable experience of doing Latin fairly recently. We translate from Latin into English but not vice versa. We will finish our excellent text book during the forthcoming year and will begin to read almost exclusively original Latin, using a very good poetry text book and parts of Caesar's Gallic Wars (the British bit!). We also continue to do work in each lesson on improving members' understanding of increasingly complex Latin grammar. However, there are no exams and the essence of the class is learning Latin but still with plenty of fun involved. If we don't have a lot of laughter in a lesson we feel we have failed.

Latin Advanced: Little did the class (or the teacher) imagine when they started in 2010 that they would keep going for five years. We have reached the joyous stage now of having spent much of the last year on the wonderful 2nd book of Vergil's Aeneid (the Wooden Horse bit) and on Pliny's fascinating writing about the famous eruption of Vesuvius. Also, to the great surprise of the class, they discovered that Radio Finland does a digest of world news every Friday night in Latin and we translate some of that each week. So; we head now into our 6th year, 'if we're spared,' as the class's senior member says.