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November – the AGM meeting Boardroom To Book Deals - All Roads Lead To Rome
Judith was elected a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts and nominated as a Woman of the Year. In the year 2000 Judith moved from London to Headley in Hampshire, where she now lives with her husband and children. Leaving London life and the corporate world to live in the country was a culture shock, but her home in Headley - an Arts and Crafts style house - provided her with a new direction.
Judith's house, and more specifically its refurbishment, 'triggered something….. finding tiled hearts boarded over, abandoned fireplaces, Victorian wallpaper beneath decades of differing fashions and tastes' made her feel like an archaeologist. 'All old houses have secrets, each one has its own story,' and Judith discovered that her new home in Hampshire had a story it was longing to tell. As Judith says, 'it has taken me almost half a century to get to this point - to be doing what I was born to do', but she has had the most interesting journey - as you will hear.
Judith Kinghorn is a graduate in English and History of Art and worked in PR¸ Media and Graduate Recruitment, formerly as MD of Graduate Appointments in London and Director/Founder of Megalomedia Plc. She was elected a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts and nominated as a Woman of the Year. Judith is the author of 'The Last Summer'.
October Globalisation And Health Care
Dr. Bob Crone has spent the last 25 of his 40 year medical career working to raise the standards of health care around the world. From leadership positions in international health at Harvard Medical School and Project HOPE he has travelled and worked in hospitals and health centres from Moscow to Mumbai, Kazakhstan to Korea, and Sao Paulo to Shanghai. Along the way to improving healthcare and health systems, he has toasted "Good Health" in over 45 languages, braved exotic meals such as sheep's eyeballs and live octopus, and learned that the language of medicine transcends culture, history and politics.
Bob shared some of his more memorable and enjoyable experiences in working around the world while informing you of some of the triumphs and challenges that remain in improving health and health systems to people around the world.
Dr. Robert Crone (Bob) lives in Boston, USA, where he is President and CEO of Strategy Implemented. He was the founding President and Chief Executive for Harvard Medical International, and Clinical Professor and Dean for International Programmes for Harvard Medical School. He currently serves as a member of the Board of Directors of numerous healthcare organisations, nationally, and internationally.
September The First Science Museum Lecture - Store rooms to Showcasing - Bringing Life to the Science Museums Collections
The Science Museum has a reputation as a place you can try things out - pushing buttons and cranking levers. How has this evolved over the years to the interactive haven it is now? Has its reputation as a family friendly destination changed? How the artefacts are displayed, and do people learn anything from hands-on activities?
Anthony has worked in Science Education and Museums for 23 years. Using case histories, film, and some real objects he will take a reflective look at the world of museums and hopefully encourage more visits from attendees and their extended families.
Anthony Richards, Head of Gallery Programmes at the Museum
June Coasting along Sussex
A talk that gave some ideas of places to visit during the holidays. Geoffrey is a local historian and has an encyclopedic knowledge of Sussex.
Dr. Geoffrey Mead, from Sussex University's Centre for Community Engagements.
The Oxford English Dictionary is the most famous dictionary in the world. First begun in 1858, it has been through many editions and its most recent edition contains some 600,000 words. Edmund is its Deputy Chief Editor. He has worked for the OED since 1972 and has a fascinating tale to tell of how dictionaries are made, of the famous people who have been associated with them, and of why they are an indispensable part of our lives. He is a most experienced speaker to groups such as U3As and brought us a surprising and entertaining presentation.

He also talked about the online edition which is replacing the printed edition. Access is free to holders of public library cards, and can be accessed here.
Edmund Weiner
Friday 30th March
Order! Order!

The Speakers of both Houses of Parliament gave a presentation on the workings of Parliament.
Click here for a report of the proceedings and here for more pictures in the gallery.
Both speakers
The Rt. Hon Baroness D'Souza C.M.G. P.C. the Lord Speaker of the House of Lords and The Rt. Hon John Bercow M.P. the Speaker of the House of Commons.
March Telling it as it is.
One of our best known journalists in Britain at present is Dame Ann Leslie. She will be known to many of our members as a writer on the Daily Mail and a frequent guest on BBC ‘Question Time’ and ‘Any Questions’. In a distinguished career, she has interviewed some of the most significant political figures and entertainers and reported on numerous wars and political stories around the world. She did major reportage on the fall of the Berlin Wall, on the failed coup against Mikhail Gorbachev and on Nelson Mandela’s final walk to freedom. Named at Reuters as one of the most influential journalists of the last 40 years, she was created a Dame of the British Empire in 1999 for her “services to journalism”. She talked to us about her multi-faceted career in journalism and about some of the interesting personalities she has known and interviewed.
Dame Ann Leslie
February The First Annual British Museum Lecture
‘The Terracotta warriors of Xi’an. From ancient people to modern super state.'

Among the most famous archaeological discoveries of the 20th century, the accidental finding of hundreds of very tall, lifelike terracotta warriors on a farm in Central China caused a worldwide storm of excitement 30 years ago. The warriors were created to accompany the emperor at his death into the next world, but their discovery threw a new light on the civilisation of Ancient China in the 3rd century BC.
Dr Michaelson, lecturer and archaeologist at the British Museum, has devoted more than 30 years of her life to the study of ancient and modern China. In an absorbing and beautifully illustrated lecture, she looks at the parallels to be drawn between old China and the vibrant emerging superpower we encounter today. This is the first in what it is hoped will become a series of prestigious annual British Museum lectures highlighting a wide range of activities looking at links between the ancient and modern world.
Dr Carol Michaelson
January The Life, Literature, and Laughter of Patrick 'Call My Bluff' Campbell
Bournemouth based, Nick R. Thomas, whose credits include 23 series of Radio 2's News Huddlines, spoke about one of the great influences, the Irish Baron Patrick Campbell (1913-1980) famous as a stammering team Captain on 'Call My Bluff', and Author of hundreds of timeless beautifully crafted articles about the great embarrassment of his life.
This hilarious talk included 'Call my Bluff' quizzes for the entire audience.
Nick R. Thomas

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