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Date Subject Speaker
January 11th
Animals in History
Susan is a Blue Badge London guide and has given us some very entertaining talks in the past. This time she will talk about some animals in the lives of their famous owners, including Florence Nightingale, who always carried an owl in her pocket, The Duke Of Wellington and his beloved horse that he rode at the Battle of Waterloo and had a monument designed to him in St Paul's, and Oscar Wilde who, apparently, took his pet lobster for walks around London!
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Susan Howe
February 8th
Cody - the Flying Cowboy
The author Peter Reese presented the fascinating story of Samuel Cody (1867-1913). Cody was born in the United States and had an early career as a cowboy and showman modelling himself on "Buffalo Bill" Cody. He became a pioneer of early flight and in 1908, at Farnborough, he was the first person to fly a powered aircraft in Great Britain.
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Peter Reese
March 14th
Pam on a Bike
Pam, having been made redundant at 58, decided to take on a new challenge cycling around the world! She bought an atlas, a custom-made bike and a small tent and set off on a journey that took her to three continents and 20 countries. Pam lives in Horsham and arrived with her bike, which is an integral part of her talk.
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Pam Goodall
April 11th
Turner's Travels
J.M.W. Turner travelled far and wide in search of inspiration for his art. At first in Britain in the 1790's but later in Europe. First to Switzerland and Paris, then much later to Italy in 1819 and again in 1828, being particularly inspired by Rome and Venice. He continued his European visits into his sixties only stopping when his health declined at the age of seventy in 1845.
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Bernard Allen
May 9th
Our Weather - Droughts, Deluges and Dust Devils
Ian is a full-time weatherman as a broadcaster, author and editor of Weather Eye magazine. He has written a number of county weather books including those for Surrey, Kent Hampshire and Dorset. His talk will cover several centuries of unusual weather events with particular reference to the South-East, including 4 metre high snowdrifts in Oxford Street, and the Dover Straits blocked with ice!
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Ian Currie
June 13th
A short biography of the English Channel
“Or why we are why we are” beginning with when the Channel was formed and how this narrow stretch of water has come to influence the way we think, speak and behave. Many welcome visitors, some less so, and some would-be visitors who so very, very nearly made it, but not quite. Phillip II of Spain and his vast Armada, Bonaparte with barges, a tunnel and hot air balloons and you know who in those perilous early 1940s. Brussels? Don't dare mention it.
Iain Kennedy
September 12th
Lethal Lovelies
The basis of John's talk is to look at the three ways to avoid being harmed by a poisonous plant: don't touch, don't eat, don't sniff. This is followed by a look at the most notorious of the plants and a brief overview of the issues surrounding the misuse of the substances the psychoactive plants contain.
Click here for the Poison Garden website.
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John Robertson
October 10th
Wildlife Photographer
David is a wildlife photographer and author of 18 books. He has been involved in both television and radio both in a presentation and advisory capacity as well as a guest or presenter. His photographs are marketed throughout the world by a variety of top agencies, which has led him to work throughout many continents.
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David Boag
November 14th
AGM followed by Around the World in 80 Plays
As manager of a Scottish theatre Brian was often invited to speak to local societies. Obviously he would promote his own venue and its programme, but then he added some anecdotes about the people, places and adventures encountered on his overseas travels with British Council dance and drama companies, hence the title of his talk.
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Brian Freeland

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