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A series of presentations/seminars on a subject of interest/importance to the members. The initial series was “The Thermodynamics of Everyday Life” - see newsletters for 2012 and later. The search facility on the Home page could help.

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The group taking advantage of a clear sunny day to look for sunspots. Click for large picture.

Looking for sunspots

Newsletters including news of pending talks.

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December Corporate failures: Boeing, Grenfell etc.
November Climategate: Science of a Scandal.
October Paradoxes today
September The effects of Brexit
August Power failures and efficiencies.
July Rain forests & greenhouse gases.
June Explosives in Malta; Local Stars.
May More Black Holes found; Benefits and problems of plastics;
April Periodic Table; Aircraft safety critical software issues; Arficial Intelligence & imaging.
March Rare Earths; Polarisation of society.
February Ocado warehouse fire; Flammability testing; battery vulnerability.
January Space exploration; local scientists.

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December Teflon (PTFE - Poly Tetra Fluoro Ethylene) manufacture and associated pollution; New technologies.
November Hydrogen powered transport; High density batteries; Concrete degradation.
October John Tyndall's grave; IPCC report; Going cashless?
September Use of Nerve agents and secret service(s) operations.
August Bridge collapse; Solar probe
July An example (with pictures) of erosion revealing sea fossils on mountain tops.
June Famous scientists.
May Disaster enquiries, trust in computers and authorities.
April Chemical and Biological Weapons.
March Construction toys
February Women's contribution to science; Suffrage for all; Thermodynamics of recycling.
January Creativity in science, engineering and technology - Inventions and Designs.

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December Artificial Intelligence and applications including Driverless cars
November Internet security - the manual option; our vulnerability to a Solar Mass Ejection.
October Unusual fuels and batteries.
September Grenfell tower inquiry; Terrorists and disasters; Cassini - end of a mission - where next?
August Disruptive technologies
July The Grenfell tower fire, causes and consequences; Charlie Gard.
June Major recent events; Navigation.
May Ramifications of the Internet.
April Pollution and its sources; U3A Study days
March The Enigma machine
February Explosives; USA politics; UK health service.
January The Speed of light; Perils of living near roads; Next talk on GM crops.

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December The shortest day; Next talk on GM crops.
November Virtuosity, theft and objectivity; explosives,
October The concluding part of our series on Complexity, Unpredictability and Chaos; The Monthly Mystery Object; Our sense of smell.
September Earth threating Asteroids; Alzheimers research; Visit to Proxima Centauri
August Enrolment - Members' interests; MH370 - search or not?
July Apologies!, Alternative energy day, Subjects for next year.
June Prediction - Weather, The Grand National, GPS, etc.
May The Transit of Mercury; Weather and Climate.
April Moore's Law and complex systems.
March More meteor and asteroid news; the treatment of paralysis caused by damage to nerve pathways.
February Meteorites & Asteroids and deaths.
January A ‘year of thirteen moons’, variations in the earth's orbit and effects on our climate.

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December Discussions on hydrocarbons and their dominance as fuels. We do not have an energy crisis, we have a fuels crisis and very little of the investment in 'alternative energy' has addressed this.
November The carcinogenic properties of processed preserved meats; The close approach of the asteroid dubbed the Halloween Asteroid; Another airliner appears to have been downed by a bomb; The VW emissions debacle continues.
October Diesel engine parameter adjustments; Did the Spitfire or the Hurricane win the Battle of Britain?
September Enrolment day and discussion about the future of the group.
August The search for flight MH370 continues.
July How the Greek bailout matches our attitude to energy; The visit to Pluto and its moon Charon by the New Horizons spacecraft.
June The Large Hadron Collider restarts.
May The Nepal earthquake; Energy storage by Tesla.
April Aircraft safety procedures and staff medical monitoring
March Living standards as we retire; plans for future talks.
February Mitochondrial DNA and related subjects.
January Transport incidents: Ships and Aircraft. How they are controlled and located - RADAR.

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December The strangeness of the quantum world: Wave/particle duality; The double slit experiment; Schrödinger’s Cat..
November The latest IPCC report on global warming.
October A car breakdown; More on the Elements; The CPU (Central Processing Unit) - the heart of the computer - how it works and its limitations. Click here to see the presentation.
September Treatment choices for Aysha King
August Wars in the middle East; Rosetta mission; Ebola outbreak.
July The discovery of Phosphorus and advance topics for the next sessions.
June The loss of the yacht Cheeky Rafiki, the search and the structure.
May The proposed take over of Astra Zeneca by Pfizer and the latest simulation of the history of the universe by NASA.
April The hunt for the missing MH370
March The Aurora caused by a Coronal Mass Ejection, and the oldest Zircon crystal in the world.
February The super nova in M82
January 'Its downhill all the way' - covers the natural tendency for things to wear out, degrade and decay wherein lies our own fate.

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December Alas, Comet Ison was destroyed during its rounding of the Sun; or at least all of its water was boiled off.
November The disaster in the Philippines caused by typhoon Haiyan
October The IPCC report
September Turbines, Water wheels and Windmills
August Fracking and its byproducts
July Speed and Hydrocarbons.
June Observation of the Sun and its spots; Richard Feynman's solution of the explosion of the Challenger Space Shuttle.
May “the thermodynamics of everyday life” ~ Climate and Weather.
April “the thermodynamics of everyday life” ~ the importance of the Sun as the supplier of the majority of our energy.
March “the thermodynamics of everyday life” ~ continued further.
February “the thermodynamics of everyday life” ~ continued further.
January “the thermodynamics of everyday life” ~ continued.

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November “the thermodynamics of everyday life” ~ introduction & scope.
October Higgs Boson presentation & discussion continued; Introductory session of "The thermodynamics of everyday life". Click here for the Higgs Boson presentation.

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Click here for the original poster with the proposed synopsis of the stars group.

Supplementary lectures

There is a series of interesting lectures on related subjects being given at Gresham College. This was founded 1597 and hosts free lectures for the general public at the Museum of London, which is on a bus route from Waterloo Station [no cost if you have a bus pass]) that you may find of interest. Each lecture lasts about an hour, with questions. They are all on Wednesdays at 1.00 pm.

Each lecture is self-contained, so there is no need to commit to the whole series. If anyone is interested in joining Celia Gregory to attend a lecture, please contact her on cag.treetops@talktalk.net or phone 644 350 to arrange to travel up together and hopefully buy a reduced train fare. The Museum has a good cafe or one can take sandwiches.

Tickets for the lecture are generally unreserved, and there is free parking in the main University car park.